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Saturday, January 1, 2022   /   by Karri Bedor

Addendum B to the Offer to Purchase by Deb Hasselquist

Addendum B to the Offer to Purchase

There are some contingencies when making an offer on a property that, in my opinion, should not be waived.  If you are looking at a home that has a well and septic system, there is an addendum that must be completed as part of the offer to purchase.  This is called Addendum B.

The reason I would recommend making your offer contingent on the testing of these two systems is that repairs can be very costly and in the case of the well system, if the water is not tested, it may contain dangerous levels of arsenic, nitrates, nitrites or lead.  In the addendum, you can ask for the seller to pay to have a reverse osmosis system installed (Estimate $600.00) with a device installed for the kitchen sink.  In my opinion, it is important for the buyer to be present with the agent when the specialist is doing the testing so they are able to ask questions and understand exactly what is being done.  

A well and pressure s; ...

Tuesday, December 7, 2021   /   by Karri Bedor

Home Maintenance that Will Save You Money - By Deb Hasselquist

Home Maintenance that Will Save You Money:

As a realtor, I have taken many clients through homes and have been with inspectors as they determine the condition of various components of a home.  Before being a realtor, I never really thought about the value involved in maintaining a home.  Let me explain.  

When a buyer goes through a home, there are very specific things a good agent will be sure to point out.  To me, one of these things is the grading around the home.  This won’t be easy in winter, but when possible, it is crucial to see if the homeowner maintained the correct grading around the property.  Simply put, the ground around the home must have a downward slope so water is not able to get into the basement.  Honestly, I think water is one of the biggest enemies in causing defects to a home.  I have a basement inspector I use and trust who has provided me with a wealth of knowledge.  There is a correct way to gra8 ...

Saturday, November 27, 2021   /   by Karri Bedor

Questions to Ask a Realtor When looking for the Right One by Deb Hasselquist

Questions to Ask a Realtor When looking for the Right One

Does it seem like everywhere you turn there are ads, billboards, Facebook posts, and TV commercials marketing the perfect realtor or team that will sell your house in a day or buy it back?  Sounds tempting; I get it!  Before you jump into advertised “promises”, make sure you know all the terms of the proposal.  It may just be that after talking to the agent, it is a perfect fit, and that’s great!  I  caution all sellers and buyers to take time to get to know an agent before committing to what you think they have to offer.

I always advise people to be prepared in advance.  If you are thinking about possibly buying or selling, go ahead and talk to a realtor.  That being said, your first step is to connect with a lender.  Many buyers and sellers don’t know lenders.  Since a lender is an important  player in the success of the transaction,  I recomm ...

Monday, November 22, 2021   /   by Karri Bedor

Are the Holidays a Good Time to Buy and Sell? by Deb Hasselquist

Are the Holidays a Good Time to Buy and Sell?

These past two years have been crazy in real estate.  Low inventory created a need for some pretty creative offers.  Escalation Clauses, waiving inspections, negotiating appraisal gaps, and competing with multiple offers drove many buyers to put the search for their next home on hold.

The holiday season in real estate is generally a slower market.  People are getting ready for the holidays and some travel while others are too busy with the typical holiday hustle.  Due to the fact that there are fewer homes on the market, if you can believe that is even possible in this market, sellers have even less competition.  The pool of buyers during the holiday season tends to be more serious in finding a home.  In addition, many buyers have more time off during the holiday season allowing for more flexibility to see homes on a moment’s notice.  This means sellers need to keep their homes ready to be ; ...

Tuesday, November 2, 2021   /   by Karri Bedor

Why Should I Sign a Buyer's Agency Agreement? By Deb Hasselquist

Why Should I Sign a Buyer’s Agency Agreement?

So...let’s talk about a Buyer’s Agency Agreement.  I have no doubt that there are buyers who don’t even know there is such a thing, and that is perfectly understandable.

Let me explain…

In a real estate transaction, there are clearly two sides:  the buyer side and the seller side.  What many people don’t understand is that if you are a buyer and did not sign a Buyer’s Agency Agreement, the agent you are working with is on the seller’s side.  Yes, you read that right, the seller’s side.  In other words, if you choose not to have buyer’s agency, the realtor you’re working with will be representing the seller.  Their commitment will not be getting the buyer the home they want at the lowest cost with any sort of negotiating assistance regarding a fair price, but rather getting the seller the best price.  Unless the agent is workim ...